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The Truth About Gummy Packaging Machines.

Gummies and other sticky candies are difficult to package, but you’ve come to the right place.

We have extensive experience dealing with filling a wide variety of gummy packages. Whether you need a semi-automatic gummy packaging machine or a full turnkey gummy packaging system, we have all the equipment to fulfill your gummy packaging needs.

We deal with sugared, oiled, large, small and every other gummi in between. 

Do your gummies clump up? No problem. Is your jar difficult to fill? No problem.

Each type of gummy requires special attention to make sure you have no down time, have easy clean up, and you accurately fill all your containers at the production speed and accuracy you require. It’s about balancing your meds with budget and lead time to maximise your ROI.

All our systems are designed to be easy to use and provide quick changeover without cross contamination.

Call for your consultation about your gummy packaging machine that works with your product and packages.

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