Attention Packaging Equipment Buyers Who Want to Further Automate Your Packaging, But Are Confused With All The Options,

Give Me 7 Minutes and I'll Show You How To Buy Packaging Equipment That's Right For You, & Helps You Make More Money!

Yes, it’s possible to cut through all the BS and find your right equipment at your right price that does your job the right way. Let me walk you through our simple, 3 Step plan that will find your right equipment that helps you grow (even if you don’t buy from us).


First, congratulations.

If you’re considering more automated packaging equipment, you’ve reached a level of success most companies don’t reach. I salute you. Well done.

Second, you’re not alone. Most companies struggle with buying  packaging equipment. It’s a big step.

It’s confusing. Equipment that looks the same has different names. This equipment is x fast and that one is Y fast. That one is X accurate and this one is Y accurate. 

They’re all shiny. They’re all fast. They’re all the same, but they’re all different. 

Choose the wrong equipment and you could be bankrupt next month. I’ve seen it happen.

How do make sure you’re not making a mistake? When the equipment looks about the same, and the speed and accuracy numbers are about the same, how do you decide?

How do you know that your equipment is the start of growth and prosperity, not financial ruin.

And that’s just the start of it.

Once you buy your right first piece of equipment for today, how do you create a path for tomorrow?

How can you create a packaging equipment plan that grows with your company?

Both are good questions.

Before I answer those questions, let me introduce myself.

Hi. I'm John Dishion.

I know. I look like a convict. I’m not. I should have a friendly picture, but I’m just not much of a picture guy. I actually smile once in awhile:}

I started ActionPac Scales and Automation 43 years ago, and I’m still going 100 miles an hour. I’m not good at sitting down.

Funny story. 

I was an UCLA English Literature major a million years ago. Now, I’m a physics guy and mechanical engineer.

I started ActionPac because I wanted to help businesses grow, and automation is the path. I started with scales, and now we offer a full line of packaging equipment.

Like Henry Ford said, “If you need a machine and don’t buy it, you will ultimately find that you have paid for it and don’t have it.”

What I see now breaks my heart.

Companies like yours buy automation equipment and get left, so to speak, holding the bag, pouch, clamshell…

There’s no support.

When something goes wrong (and something will eventually go wrong, trust me), no one is picking up the phone or there’s no phone number.

There’s no there there.

Sure, it’s easy to buy the machine. Put in your numbers, press send, and it’s on the way. Or, the salesperson in the nice suit is happy to take your money.

Like I said, I got into this industry because I wanted to help businesses grow, and that’s still true today.

The problem is that you can’t grow without support. Growth takes teamwork. Your team working with our team. There’s no way around it.

Packaging automation equipment and teamwork are the answer. It takes both.

I’m on a personal mission to add support back to the packaging equipment industry. We’re doing a disservice to companies by just selling them a piece of equipment. We need to do better.

Here’s my main point.

I’m not selling equipment. I’m selling a value, an idea, a way of doing business.

Yes, we sell scales and packaging equipment, all types, but it’s more than that.

Nike doesn’t just sell shoes. They sell being your best.

Disneyland doesn’t just sell a day pass. They sell happiness.

Apple doesn’t just sell phones and computers. They sell doing cool and creative stuff.

They all sell a value.

We sell the value of teamwork – quality packaging equipment and lifetime support. Success demands teamwork.

O.K. I feel better. Enough of my rant. Now, I can smile:}

Here’s my 3 Step Plan that helps you find your right equipment at your right place and helps you make more money.

If you prefer, you can download it here.

My 3 Step Plan

1. Start With Our Industry Special Report: The 3 Deadly Sins of Buying Packaging Equipment (and how to avoid them).

It covers the 3 biggest mistakes that people make when investing in packaging equipment.

It takes 3 minutes to read, but will give you years of experience.

It breaks our heart when we see companies go out of business because of just one bad decision, and it happens way too often.

Read the report and you’re on your way to a great decision.

Again, get it here.

2. Call The Company and Speak To A Person

Do not order anything “off the shelf.”

As you’ll read in the report, “off the shelf” is the problem, not the solution.

Make sure that your product with your bags will work with their machine.

Of course, most companies will say, “Sure, it works.” Then you never hear from them again.

Here’s why we’re different.

Because we have a lifetime warranty on all our equipment, we don’t want to sell you something that isn’t right. If we do, we just created a lifetime of problems for you, and for us.

Honestly, most companies just want to sell you a machine. They’re gone in 90 days or so. The rest of the 20 years or so, you’re on your own.

We don’t work that way.

If we sell it, we support it, for the lifetime of the equipment.

So, we want it to work. If your product and packages are not right for our equipment, we’ll let you know.

Tell us about your challenges. What’s your product? What are the variations of the product? Tell us about your packaging. What speed do you want.? What about accuracy? What’s your facility like? Who is going to operate the machine?…

Because we’re going to support for a lifetime, we’re going to ask a lot of questions. It’s in both of our best interests that it works, and works for a long, long time.

After the initial conversation, ask for a F.A.T., Factory Authorization Test. See your products and packaging go through the machine with your eyes. Either see it in person or via video.

With us, a F.A.T. is required. Again, we want it to work.

Most companies either won’t do a F.A.T., or they’ll charge you for it. That’s because they don’t have lifetime support. They’re selling you just a machine, not a long term working relationship.

3. Get Lifetime Support

I can’t stress this enough. 

If you’re in this for the long term, you’ll need long term support.

Stuff can go sideways for a million reasons. We’ve seen them all.

After 43 years, we’re kind of like Farmer’s Insurance. We know a few things because we’ve seen a few things.

Find a company that values your success as much, if not more, than they value their own.

What's The Next Step?

If all this makes sense to you, then we might be a good match. If you agree that success and growth require automation, and teamwork, then we might be a good fit.

Let’s chat.

No cost. No obligation. Just two business seeing if we can help each other.

Please fill out the form below.

If we’re a good match, we can move forward with a F.A.T.

If not, I’ll point you in the right direction.

Either way, I wish you the best of life and success.



John Dishion, Founder and President

ActionPac Scales and Automation

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