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"We are happy with what we have received and do plan on moving forward with you to purchase additional machines."
Karl Gottschalk
Automation Manager

Why Jeeter Bought 11 ROLLMASTER420s

The Best ROI

The Rollmaster420 is the most efficient pre-roll machine in the industry.
ROI is more than price. It's the total cost of ownership: the initial cost divided by the percentage of up time plus the cost of maintenance, repairs, employee costs, training... The lifetime cost of the machine could be 5X, 10X...With The Rollmaster420, you have an affordable initial fee plus a simple design that allows you to hire less experienced workers, and it's backed by free lifetime support. Win. Win. Win.


Weighing to a milligram means less waste and more profit.
Some pre-roll machines don't weigh. They just fill. As you can guess, the weights will be off. You'll either spend time and money refilling or your weights will be out of compliance and there are people with badges that take compliance very seriously. Waste also destroys your profit.

Patented Design

Works with infused products.
Other companies use a straight funnel. The problem is the funnel clogs, especially with infused products. We have a unique spiral design where the clumps and twigs spin around until they're ready for the straight funnel. No twigs and no clumps in the funnel means no clogs in the funnel. It's pre-roll production nirvana.

Modular Design

A modular system keeps you up and running.
Some of our competitors have an "all-in-one" design. Yes, it looks great, but is it efficient? If part of the machine goes down, the whole machine goes down. We think production that stays up and running looks great. Efficiency is beautiful. Profits are sexy.

Free Forever Support

If you have a problem, reach out.
Most companies have a 6 to 12 month warranty. After that, you pay for each phone call or email, if you can get someone to return a phone call or email. You could be down for weeks, maybe months. With ActionPac, your machine is covered for life. Have a question? Call. Email. TeamViewer. Snapchat. We'll answer. Free.


How Maggie's Farms Increased Pre-Roll Production 10,000%.

Island Cannabis Co.
went from 20,000 monthly pre-rolls to 200,000 monthly pre-rolls.

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